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April 11, 2007

More on Breck and Snowbasin

More on yesterday's post about Snow Basin and Breck from reader Kevin:

It is tough to compare the two ski areas, Snowbasin vs Breck. We skiied 3 days in Breck and 2 at Snowbasin and I actually think I got more skiing in at Snowbasin becuase of not having to wait in all of the lift lines and all of the people. There were times at Snowbasin in the Strawberry area where we would have a whole trail to ourselves. Snowbasin seemed to be more of a true skier's mountain where as Breck had the skiing and the party atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, Breck was awesome, but you want a place to really ski and not worry about the crowds, Snowbasin is a good choice. I had no idea Snowbasin actually has more skiable acres than Breck.

But if you want a truly ginormous skiing experience, Big Sky has them all beat. 5000+ acres. 4,000+ vertical feet. 300k skier visits per year.

It is a matter of what you want out of a trip. I am more of a skiing purist. I don't like to party, so the night life is less important to me. I have kids so value is important because there are more mouths to feed and lift tickets to buy.

One thing I will say is that Breck, Keystone, Vail--VRI in general have the Colorado Pass which takes care of the value piece. Big Sky has their Frequent Sky Card (I believe that is the name this year). Both make it much more affordable to ski multiple days. But the resorts I love (Alta, Big Sky, Wolf Creek) all lack nightlife but have excellent snow consistently and have plenty of terrain and short lift lines.

I am gonna have to hit Snow Basin because it sounds like my kind of place.

Posted by Justin at 11:40 AM