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December 25, 2007

Road Trip AZ

Got a new link to Road Trip which is a blog dedicated to the state of Arizona and all of the beauty that it contains. I played football and wrestled for a 2A (now 3A) school, Wickenburg, and during the course of my 4 years wrestling varsity and two years playing varsity football (since I suited for home games as a Freshman and Soph but did not travel), got to see most of the state. My personal favorite places around are Payson, Prescott, Flag, Heber, Pinetop/Show Low, and the rest of the mountain towns that stretch from the Bradshaws to the White Mountains. As most readers of the site know, one of my favorite things to do in the summer was to Jeep, but sadly, I sold another Jeep which makes my third Wrangler that I have owned, loved, then sold in favor of practicality..

RTAZ has an article about snowmaking at Snowbowl and describes a little bit about Sunrise and the hypocrisy of their stand on snowmaking. Not super long or detailed, but he sums it up nicely.

Check out the site if you are interested in more on the debate.

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February 08, 2007

Arizona Weather from

The Arizona Republic has this update on conditions. While I disagree that weather in the 50's is good ski weather, some snow coming bodes well.

Ski and snowboard areas near Flagstaff and Greer expect snow showers this weekend.

Arizona Snowbowl currently has packed powder at depths ranging from 11 to 32 inches, Snowbowl officials said. The Agassiz, Hart Prairie and Sunset lifts are all in operation with the Agassiz running only to Midway.

Weather conditions at the Snowbowl this weekend are expected to be great for skiing and snowboarding with partly sunny skies today, Friday and Saturday with lows in the mid-50s.

There is a slight chance of rain Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. Snow showers are possible Sunday.

Sunrise Park Resort currently has 40 to 47 inches of packed powder on the slopes. Sunrise Peak and Cyclone Peak are completely open except for Cyclone Ally, on Cyclone Peak, Sunrise officials said. Apache Peak will be closed until the lifts can be repaired.

Partly cloudy skies and highs in the low 50s are expected today, Friday and Saturday, around Sunrise with a slight chance of snow showers Saturday night, according to the National Weather Service.

While conditions are good in most areas of the ski resorts, some areas have only thin layers of snow and officials urge skiers and snowboarders to be careful of obstacles.

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February 24, 2006

It Was the Best of Times... Worst of Times

The following article is from the Arizona Republic dated today.

Utah is poised to set its third consecutive record by exceeding last season's 3.9 million skier visits, Ski Utah spokeswoman Hilary Reiter said.

Snowfall along the Wasatch Range - home to 11 resorts including Snowbird, Park City and Alta - has been about 157 percent more than the total in an average season.

Utah is loving life. How about Colorado?

In Colorado, so much snow has fallen that many mountain towns have piled it high on street corners and in parking lots. Aspen has had more than 21 feet of snow, with many longtime residents saying it's the best they have ever seen, Aspen Skiing Co. spokeswoman Kristen Rust said.

Colorado resort managers are hopeful they will set a record for skier visits this year. The previous record of 11.98 million was set in the 1997-98 season; last year, the total was 11.81 million. From October to December, the resorts reported 3.1 million skier visits, said Rob Perlman, president of the trade group Colorado Ski Country USA.

What about Snowbowl, Arizona that has been battling to get snowmaking capability added so that they can have a consistent season?

Meanwhile, folks at the Arizona Snowbowl near Flagstaff - in the midst of a drought - continue to wait for enough snow to open, a year after posting a season record 460 inches. Since October, they have seen about 20 inches of snow, resort spokesman David Smith said.

The delay has cost millions of dollars in revenue, "and you can put that in capital letters if you want," he said.

"It's extremely frustrating to sit around and look at the slopes and see dry grass where typically they should be covered in white," he said. "The hope is still there that we'll still be able to have a good season, at least the latter half."

20 Bleepin' Inches? 20? Come on people. I don't know what Arizona did to deserve another Fire Season like 2003, but this is gonna be a bad one. There is no snow at all. We are going to be engulfed by flames shortly. I mean like Arizona needs massive fires to add to the already heated nature of our state.

We need rain in a bad way. The high country needs some snow. We are past due.

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September 27, 2005

Snow Making at Snowbowl, AZ Update

Snowbowl in Arizona is being sued by the Sierra Club and several local Indian tribes over their plans to install snowmaking equipment to ensure a more consistent operating season. Because the snowmaking will use reclaimed waste water after it is properly treated, local tribes have compared spreading waste water on their sacred San Francisco peaks to flushing the Koran down the toilet.

Snowbowl is located just outside of Flagstaff, about two hours north of Phoenix. Flagstaff is home of Northern Arizona University, so Snowbowl tends to be filled with college kids on weekends. The project will enlarge the resort and provide some much needed enhancements.

The suit is scheduled to be heard in October. More details to come as the suit progresses.

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September 10, 2005

Kids Season Pass Give-away at Sunrise, AZ

Sunrise in Arizona is offering free season passes to kids who take a lift ride and bring a toy for the Christmas toy drive. Sunrise is the largest resort in Arizona and roughly three and a half hours east of Phoenix. We usually drive up to see the leaves change colors, which is amazing and exciting for us Phoenix folks, and grab the kids a pass for the half a dozen days we go up to Sunrise.

Last year had record storms in the Southwest that dumped on Arizona, Southern Colorado, California, and Utah, but left the northern resorts like Whistler and most of Washington and Oregon only partially open. The single biggest drawback of Sunrise is the short season and snow conditions early and late in the season. But during January, February and sometimes early March, when the storms start coming, the skiing is more than adequate, and on several days last year, I had the mountain to myself after weekday dumps of over 12". I love the White Mountains of Arizona, so I am willing to tolerate the 20 minute drive into Pinetop for food and drinks after a day of skiing.

If you live in the area, Phoenix, or Tucson, it is well worth going up on either October 1st or 2nd and getting the free pass. Check it out at

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