Ski Blog... Been doing this since 2005!

Mission Statement

Ever read the ski report and find it leaves something to be desired . . . like information. Most are cheesy templates that have time, temp, and new snow. But they leave much to be desired about the real conditions. Ski magazines are published monthly and may have a gear review or an article about a trip one of the writers took last month. But it is a month old and by the time you read about last month's conditions, it is too late to do anything about it.

This blog is dedicated to real time information. And useful information. And aside from that, it is dedicated to following me and several of my buddies on our winter adventure to get out of the Southwest Desert and our lives in cubicles and actually live. I am probably more passionate than most of my buddies since, well, I am the guy springing for a condo and starting a blog about it. But I most certainly am not the best skier. We run a mix of about half snowboarders and half skiers.

UPDATE: Yeah, well, I probably am the best skier out of our group now, but a huge part of that stems from the fact that almost all of them ride. 30 days later in 2005-06 and I will stack myself up against almost all of them though... And I still am not very good.

The site will be organized with topics that are primarily categorized by state, then by resort. We may not hit all of the resorts out west, but being as the condo is centrally located, we are within good proximity to most of the major Colorado, Idaho, Utah, California, and New Mexico and Wyoming Resorts. This year we will spend several days at Wolf Creek, Telluride, Jackson Hole, Alta, Snowbird (for my two plank challenged friends who cannot get into Alta--suckers!), Park City, and some of the Summit county resorts of Colorado. But most of all I will be rolling out of bed five minutes before the lifts start running at Brian Head.

I will try to pass along information that is useful and occasionally talk about new products or new things happening in the industry of interest to skiers and boarders. When I get bored, I might take a jab at some political matter of particullar interest to me, my friends, or folks in the industry. Maybe that is the environment, growth, new resorts, spotted owls, the McDonaldization of our ski culture, wages at resorts, etc. Nothing too serious like wars or elections or that sort of thing. I don't write about my political beliefs at this site, I do that plenty at other blogs. I will also write about local sports of interest to me and the things I do to keep the offseason from turning into a six month waiting game for snow to fall.

Right now, I am enjoying the summer and dreaming about three-foot snowfalls over night with clear 20 degree days. And on a weekday of course since it keeps the riff-raff off the mountain. =)