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October 01, 2009 Website Update

I am doing some work on to install and tweak Joomla and thinking about doing a relaunch of under the new format. It adds a lot of functionality and it just an awesome publishing platform.

Anyway, check out the site and please give feedback.

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August 22, 2007

Template Changes to Site

I have been making template changes to the site most of the day today. You may have noticed there was some weird stuff going on.

The top nav buttons and the sidebar have the biggest changes.

I added an rss feed from First Tracks Online as part of the main page in the right sidebar and changed the shape of the buttons at the top. I also change the placement of the links in the right sidebar and fixed the headings for each item in the sidebar.

I change the margins on the page slightly and changed the text to "justified".

Here are links to the pics:

Best way to view them is to open both at the same time in different browser windows.

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June 20, 2007

New Templates for Gallery and Ski Forums

The Gallery and Ski Forums site templates sucked. I had applied the site color schemes, but they had a hokey feel to them. The templates that I used for both of them were pretty generic.

Gallery and phpbb are very configurable and have pretty easy to decode and understand template files. For phpbb, I went through and modified the table attibutes for phpbb to set the width to 890 and to center the pages (like the home page for the site). In addition, I added the main site header javascripts to stick the main pictures up and randomize them.

For Gallery, pretty much the same process. I left the individual photo pages the same as they were since the pictures are of varying size and the ones that are 1024x768 don't display well in the table format and the headers don't look right unless the tables are sized to 890 wide.

Check out the Gallery and Ski Forums pages and let me know if you find any glitches or gotchas... especially if you use a browser other than IE.

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November 27, 2006

Testing New Template Changes

I added a display of category names at the bottom of the entries.

Just testing the changes.

UPDATE: Added the numbers of entries in each category and for each month as well as added links to the categories of each entry at the bottom. Fairly minor stuff, but something to track how many entries I make per month and to track which categories I am making entries to.

Sad part is that Personal and Phoenix Sports are almost as popular as Brian Head and General Skiing. You can see which resorts I am spending time at.

Gotta make changes every so often or the site gets stale. =)

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August 31, 2006

A Word About Pictures in the Banners

I was flipping through the banners at the top looking at the shots that are in them. I want to summarize what we have pictures of. Notice that there are about four different pictures of snowboarders on a skiing blog. What is up with that? And we are short on pictures of me which makes little sense either.

Well, here is what the header pics consist of now. First, there is one mountain shot that is not mine. The rest are all pictures of me, Dan, Erich, Jeremy, and my family. Jarrett's first day in ski school is one of the banners. A pic of me and the family. One of Jake skiing. And the snowboarders are all friends or Jeremy.

I have been swapping out the images the last couple of days and trying to make the site and the images more personal. A lot of the content is about how my friends and family enjoy the sport and the lifestyle. But a huge part of why we enjoy it is that it provides us a chance to just hang out and do something together.

You should be seeing a mix of content at the site. Industry information. Resort conditions at the resorts we ski. Reviews of resorts, products, gear, etc. Personal experiences of me and my friends and family on the mountains. And "filler" of stuff about Phoenix sports, jeeping, and the other activities that we fill our offseasons with. I have not gone to Australia, New Zealand, or South America, so by May, June, July, August, etc., I gotta keep posting about something. But the good news is that the content is gradually shifting back to skiing and I am excited about the site changes and the new information we are adding.

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August 30, 2006

Site Rebuild Done--Finally

Joni must have gotten really busy lately because I have not heard from her in the last couple of weeks. She did a great job cutting my banners down to size and redoing the top graphics as well as setting up the site originally for customization.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and finish the redesign today so that I can get started with some new content and new work. Movable Type is a great platform to customize and offers tons of options. I found a couple great sites out there that teach how to customize templates and site layout.

You will notice that there are a couple of personal banners of Jeremy and Erich, Jarrett in ski school, and Jeremy on a powder day at Brian Head. I am working on adding more and going through the collection of pictures we have.

The margins have been widened so that the posts fit better and don't seem to linger on and on.

Enjoy the changes.

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August 03, 2006

200 Entries, Time for a Site Redesign from Joni

Today is entry 201 and about time for the one year updates to the sites. Joni at Pixelita (formerly Web Jones) who did the original site is doing the updates.

Shortly, you should see a new look. I fell in love with the rotating banners, the color scheme, the feel of the site, etc. We are changing some of the margins and reworking things to tweak the content, but minor issues.

So if you need some design work, Joni is awesome. But, I will let you see that for yourselves when she is done.

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October 23, 2005

Site updates completed

For those of you who have run a blog, you probably understand trackback and comment spam. It seems that someone out there thinks that the readers of a site about skiing are interested in poker, online casinos, Canadian pharmaceuticals, midget porn, and nude photos of celebrities that are doctored with Photoshop. I have been deluged with deleting spam links and it is a less than rewarding experience.

Joni at the Web Jones and I decided to update to MT 3.2 as it has far better trackback and comment spam protection. No more midget gambling sites that sell Canadian Viagra. Again, you do not know how hard Joni rocks. I send her an e-mail last night at around 5 PM saying how bad the spam is getting and by 1 PM today, the site is back up and upgraded to MT 3.2. If you blog or are simply looking for some Web Design, you gotta check her out. Check the links at the bottom of the page.

I am in a serious holding pattern right now. I know the snow is coming and resorts are going to start opening soon, but Mother Nature is toying with us. On top of that, the contractors on the condo are delayed so I am stuck at home chilling and waiting.

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