Altitude Sickness, Vision Correction, and Post-Surgery

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So I am 9 months in to living at 6500 ft.  I am mostly acclimated and trying to drive to the base and spend time at roughly 8000-9000 ft daily just to make sure I am doing OK.  I still feel pretty weak but am starting to feel like I am getting back where this could be a good year.  My skis are from 2009.  They are like brand new and still solid technology but I am thinking of upgrading to some Icelantic Nomads.  I have dropped down to close to 200 lbs and am 6’2″ so I just have this awkward weight distribution that I don’t have the same drive through things that I did so I don’t feel my legs under me right.

So far, limited headaches.  Like I get them and all, but lots of water and doing OK.

Biggest issue–my vision is 20/50 now and I have never had to ski with glasses or contacts.  I haven’t had to wear contacts in two decades.  So the combination of the skis being a little stiffer and bigger than I probably feel comfortable on and, you know, feeling blind plus the occasional migraine is still a trip.

Just waiting for Wednesday’s storm to get on the hill.