Day Two: 12″ Saturday and MSU Playoffs

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Took a couple laps on Swifty and was scared to get lost.  Stuff is still roped off while they open up more of the resort.  I think 700 acres or so was open.  They use this damned red and green circle crap to tell me what is open.  I am colorblind as I found out at Butte MEPS in 1994 when I wanted to be a Navy Nuclear Electronics Technician, blew away the ASVAB, then failed the physical.  BTW, to the guy on the lift who said “Get out of Big Sky”, I joined the Navy at 19 at Butte, MT MEPS.  I left Montana to join the Military 25 years ago.

Conditions were amazing.  I clipped a rock on a steep drop where the snow had been scraped off a little but that is life of early season with a 40″ base.  Got in a little under two hours then hauled down to MSU to watch the Bobcats play in the opening round of the FCS playoffs.

Two years ago, I watched Alabama-Clemson for the National Championship in Phoenix.  Last year, I watched Gonzaga and UNC in basketball.  It was 20 degrees in Bozeman with light snow on Saturday after Thanksgiving and I skied in the morning and watched football in the afternoon.