Day One: How to be a Huge A-hole

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So it was a rough day for my 13 year old who has not really skied in 7 years since my sinus surgery.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  It is not like riding a bike for a 6 year old girl who becomes a 13 year old girl.  She got altitude sickness after about three falls.  It was Opening Day.  I hate wasting a lesson on learning how to get in and out of bindings and Pizza versus French Fry.  For Opening Day, conditions were epic.  Six lifts open and 700+ acres.  I am sore for different reasons, mostly trying to lift a 13 year old, but that is a different story.

So there she is after wreck 14 almost two hours later under the lift line barely 100 yards below the lift.  My fault for not doing Magic Carpet but we were out of the way and again OPENING EFFING DAY ON THANKSGIVING.  And a dude shouts at us “Get out of Big Sky” from the lift.  Bro.  I mean, I get it.  The town is changing.  The Yellowstone Club and Spanish Peaks are bringing in people.  Articles in the Wall Street Journal are changing the place.

I guarantee that dude was some asshole former bartender who moved up here less than a decade ago to go to MSU or maybe he just moved to Big Sky to be a ski bum.  Tell you a quick story just to vent.  I was born in Powell, Park County, Wyoming.  It is named Park County because it contains most of Yellowstone National Park.

Dude, this is a little girl in 8th grade who had an absolute shit day on Opening Day because her dad moved her from Arizona and she is a flatlander city kid in her first season at 11,500 feet.  So to the guy who wanted to taunt a dad and a little girl who sold everything they had, moved back to Montana, got accepted to MSU’s Master’s in Computer Science, will be teaching Computer Security starting Fall 2019, and want to raise a family in a state where we need Computer Engineers more than effing ski bums aholes–I think we will be sticking around for a while.

My baby girl just told me she never wants to leave and loves Ophir Middle School.  We were sitting at Riverhouse on Tuesday and I told her I was thinking of moving to Bozeman so I can teach and go to school.  She was having no part of it.  But I will tell you, those words sting.  There is a place in hell for you and I hope you tear your ACL.