Site Updates and Back to Blogging

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I think the site has gone so stale that no one will ever read it again, but with that said, it is time I start writing again.  The weather has pretty much already changed and the aspens are losing their leaves.  The peak has a nice coating of snow and the town is in the middle of the dead period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving when folks take their vacation time.

I have finally moved off of Movable Type and onto WordPress.  Site needed some help.  Updated the image to Lone Peak which looms large over the entire town.  Can’t get coffee without being overwhelmed by its presence.

The town is going through a major upheaval even since I was last here probably a decade ago.  It is a total reinvention of itself.  The entire place is changing.  Some ways good, some ways it is filling with 44 year old pretentious douchebags from the city who have midlife crises and want to sell their homes in the suburbs and move back home to Montana.  And some ways with celebrities who live in gated communities.

There is no shortage of growth.  There is a huge shortage of people who can do construction.  Getting a contractor is like pulling teeth.  We are fixing up our house for the long haul.  I think I am back to my roots in Montana.  Tera and the kids love it, minus the isolation.  It is 45 miles of sheer hell in a storm into Bozeman.

But we have Rodeo… and College Football.