Wolf Creek Trip and Bark Beetles

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Went to Wolf Creek, CO, this last week and the conditions were solid. They got a 30″ snowstorm, but with it being early season, it was the wet, dense snow. Great for a base, but not exactly powder conditions. Every once in a while (especially since I have not skied as much the last couple years) it is nice to ski some groomers and some nice mellow stuff. I think 90% of what I hit were ungroomed blues that were great. Nothing but the Alberta side.
The worst part was how badly the last couple years have treated Wolf Creek. The bark beetles have just really gotten full hold of the resort and the forest is starting to look like most of the rest of the West.
At some point, nature will correct itself and the beetles will run their course. I would hate to see Wolf Creek turn into the windswept wasteland that is Brian Head. The trees are what keeps the pow in place as opposed to drifts and ice.
It was so good to get back on the mountain. The drive wasn’t bad as the roads had all cleared before we left. We got stuck in some cold rain / presnow on the drive back Wednesday.
Hope anyone reads a blog that hasn’t been updated in three years. I am going to try to ski more and blog more. I miss my second home at Brian Head. Skiing wasn’t great and the mountain too small, but living at 9500 ft and having the beautiful four seasons there is such a welcome relief from Phoenix.