Brian Head Trip Last Weekend

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Just got back from Brian Head this weekend. Bad news is that Bump and Grind went out of business. Sky was one of the good guys in Brian Head, but eventually, you gotta earn a living and Bump and Grind just was not getting it done.
Spent some time at the Grand Lodge, where the food prices are still way too high, but it has a great and much needed atmosphere. Local Businesses are hit or miss. Waiting to see if this winter, skier visits will rise to the 140k level.
The weather was beautiful, though you can really see and feel the change of seasons coming. Leaves were almost all gone and a little bit of snow was still left from the storm a week and a half ago.
Couple big trips planned for the season, but the best will be when Hayden comes up for a week and teaches private lessons for Tera, Jess, and the kids. 22 year old ski instructor who is in college and no longer instructing. Skied with him last season and he has a remarkable way with teaching and I offered to put him up and pay him what his day job does plus cover costs. Hell of a deal. And I get private lessons for everyone. Tera has decided to give skiing another shot this season. If Hayden can get her competent and to enjoy it, it is worth any cost.
Side note–I also get Hayden to ski with me in the afternoon after the lessons are done. And to hang out in the evenings and talk football and enjoy life. That is the best part.
Anyway, couple posts upcoming for the season. I am getting back into my groove. Feeling a little better. And planning for the upcoming season.

2 thoughts on “Brian Head Trip Last Weekend”

  1. Just be careful when you do this. Ski areas call this underground teaching and in Utah, some claim this as theft of services. You may be asked to stop, and if you don’t, your pass might be at risk. Also your instructor could get in some very hot water and might not be able to teach again at that resort.
    Now should you be able to do this? You’re on slopes open to the public and perhaps even on Forest Service land so why not? I think probably you should (although you won’t get to cut lift lines). The most ski area makes their biggest profits lessons, so they certainly want you to buy the lesson from the resort. What about the Forest Service? They are likely going to support the ski area because as they get percentage of the profits. There is also liability issues to be concerned about.
    Me, I’m ski instructor, so I have mixed feelings, but I tend towards allowing this. Maybe then the ski areas would offer lessons at a more reasonable price.

  2. Followed your blog for most of last season and looking forward to your posts this season. Even though I’m from Las Vegas Brian Head is my home resort. Here’s to a great season in Brian Head!

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