Brian Head Preparing for the Upcoming Season

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I got a note from the good folks at Brian Head Resort about their annual season pass sales where they bring the sale to you. Usually they have special deals just for that day, especially during their pass sales in Vegas. Not sure if this year will be the same story.
In their Press Release, they had a blip about Childhood Obesity. Got me thinking about how great the sport has been for my own kids and what the real impact of our love of skiing has been on them growing up.
It is not about the health aspects of the sport for us. It is about bonding and escaping the grind of the city. The smog. The crowds. The noisy chaotic lifestyle.
A day skiing is simple. It offers peace. You put away your blackberry. You have the snow that absorbs the noise of the world. And for me personally, it is my break from the reality of my life.
For my kids, it is a break from school and rules and classrooms and teachers. It is a chance to challenge themselves and to exhaust their bodies and senses.
Buy your season pass for Brian Head. In St. George, you can do it all this weekend at Findlay Subaru. I am excited to have another season on the mountain and excited that Brian Head is such a family friendly mountain. If you want to enjoy a family experience, skiing is my personal favorite. It is expensive as hell if you don’t prepare in advance. But with a season pass and your own gear or even a season rental, it is pretty reasonable.