Two Weeks In at Brian Head

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This season is turning out quite nice already. I got my first day in on Thanksgiving and while I would not call one lift being open “epic” by any stretch, it was not WROD either. Matter of fact, the following day, BH was 60% open and today for the first time, all 8 lifts are running.
The base is excellent meaning that by Christmas, the resort should be exceptional if they can just manage a couple more storms.
My daughter spent another day in Kids Camp on Friday and she always enjoys the heck out of it. She did not want to come back to Phx. Sadly, I had to work and could not go out and we had to leave the next day so the couple runs I took will have to tide me over another week until I can break free and head north.
I believe BH had 80″ in November which is outstanding.