Skiing in AZ to Take a Major Hit–Sunrise in Financial Trouble

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This from the White Mountain Independent:

APACHE COUNTY – It looks like there will be only one mountain opening for this year’s ski season at Sunrise Park Resort due to economic woes. The resort is owned and operated by the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Only one mountain opening up is not certain. The Tribe said all of its efforts are focused on opening a single mountain in early December.
Lift ticket pricing on the single mountain that will be in operation has yet to be determined.
Sunrise Park Resort General Manager Marilyn Lovato said that the ongoing recession has also forced cancellation of the Junior Pass Promotion scheduled for Oct. 9 and 10.
“The White Mountain Apache Tribe, along with Sunrise management are being proactive in decision making and are facing difficult choices,” Lovato said…
“As the result of current economic state of the resort, the promotion and the winter white-out sale held in conjunction with the promotion have been cancelled,” Lovato said, adding that the resort has stopped selling season passes and is refunding any that have already been purchased.

This is horrible news for Arizona Skiers. And right after I ended my boycott over Arizona Snowbowl.
To compound matters, Snowbowl does not have snowmaking and is not economically viable either.
Skiing may be over in Arizona. Not to be overly dramatic, but the Navajos and Hopis have stated they want to completely shut Snowbowl down:

Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley asked Merrigan to end skiing at Snowbowl, or for federal money to help the tribes buy Snowbowl.
“The ideal resolution would be to stop skiing in the area,” he wrote in an August 2009 letter.

The White Mountain Apaches cannot figure out how to run their resort and the Navajos and Hopis want to shut down the only other resort in the state.
Not exactly shaping up to be a good year in AZ.

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  1. What a bummer for AZ skiers. There are so many defunct ski resorts in Colorado as well. Hope you have a great Season at Brian Head! Not sure if you know or not, but we’ve been spending a large amount of time on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re not already following us, please do so and chime into the conversations! Just go to and you can see the links to our social media efforts.
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