New Snow at Brian Head

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It is snowing at Brian Head today. Second day of the season only consisted of a couple runs with Jake and Jarrett because it was such flat light due to the snow, it was cold, and it was basically ice with a dusting over it. Combine that with only a few green runs open and it is a recipe for disaster. But it was good to get my legs under me.
Lindsey spend the day in ski school again and had a blast. She is hooked on skiing and Brian Head is a great place to do it. Full day kids program is normally $95, but with a season pass it is $68. Because she is 5 and under, she gets a free season pass. Net is that it saves me $27 a day and the program is great.
Condo is almost done. They still need to finish the mantle over the fireplace, but for the first time the living room is finished. Busted out the Murphy’s Oil and cleaned the entire place.
All in all, a very good weekend. Tera got to relax because Lindsey was gone in ski school all day. Jake and Jarrett have been pretty mellow. Heading home tomorrow AM.
Only real negative–the heater core in the suburban is hosed and we cannot park underground because of the yakima topper on top. It is cold as hell.