College Journalist Compares Alta Not Allowing Snowboarders to Racial Segregation in 1960’s

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And one wonders why journalism is a dying art:

At first glance, Alta Ski Area seems like a pretty friendly place. Its website claims “Alta Ski Area welcomes you,” but Alta is segregating the world of winter sports, similar to the segregation by skin color some southern states employed until the 1960s. The website later states that “Alta is a skiers’ mountain. Snowboarding is not allowed.” Doesn’t sound so welcoming anymore.

A little more info on Ms. Dunn:

I’m a senior at the University of Utah in mass communication. I love writing but I enjoy all aspects of journalism and media. I love photography and editing photos and video. I have experience in web design, page layout and visual editing/design, as well.
I’ve written for The Daily Utah Chronicle’s outdoor section. Snowboarding and surfing are my passions, and I dream of working for an outdoor related magazine or publication. I would love to work in any aspect of the outdoor magazine.
Somewhere down the road I want to create a women’s magazine of my own that will cover either a specific or all extreme sports. Most magazines are more male dominated, but females are progressing in all levels of the sports. They need more publications of their own, and I would love to make that a reality.

Jessica, you are awesome. First, you want to break down the color barrier… er… skier barrier, then you want to take on that sports magazines are male dominated.
A little bit of a marketing lesson for our Mass Communications major. First, extreme sports if that is a realistic term now that snowboarding is so extreme that John Kerry does it, are dominated by men. Not that men are better at it, just that they are the ones that have the majority of the purchasing power in the industry. If there was a niche of female extreme athletes clamoring for a magazine, it would already exist. Not trying to deflate your dream, just trying to bring you back to reality. Women read men’s magazines and women go to men’s basketball games. I don’t read Cosmo and I don’t go see the WNBA. So start by figuring that 75% of “extreme sport” participants are men, and alienate that audience right off. Good business plan.
Second, a bit of a history lesson. I have never seen a bunch of skiers lynch a snowboarder or abduct a snowboarder and force him to man a lift at a skiers only resort for free and beat him if he gets “uppity”. I am at such a loss for words when it comes to using the word “segregation” in these two contexts that I cannot explain how profoundly idiotic you sound.
If all snowboarders are as illiterate to the historical context and the difference between their winter sport and 200 years of slavery plus another 100 years of segregation including a Constitutional Amendment and several landmark Supreme Court Decisions that it took to break through the wall of racism AND A COLLEGE EDUCATED JOURNALIST compares HER SNOWBOARDING TO SITTING IN THE BACK OF THE BUS OR HAVING THE GOVERNOR OF A STATE LOCK YOU OUT OF THE UNIVERSITY–I don’t think I should be forced to share the mountain with your ignorant ass.
Maybe someday the real barriers will be broken down and we can elect a snowboarder President. That will be a landmark day and a monumental achievement that ends the decades of segregation and discrimination against snowboarders.

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