Rough Season for Off-Piste at Alpengluhen

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Frequent commentator and fellow blogger Off-Piste at elpengluhen reports some seriously bad news:

After a full day of 4 and 5 year olds I assisted in a restocking run to the mid-mountain lodge. Up the chair with 10 lbs of sausage and 8 gallons of water. Returning at the bottom, I was involved in 3 person collision, where I got hit head on. My right arm is broken in multiple spots along the radius. My left was spared apparently thanks to the wrist brace I was wearing (although the metal brace was bent hard). Helmet was broken, and my left eye crushed.
Vision is slowly coming back to my eye, my face is finally starting to lose the swelling, and my arm itches like crazy. Typing is slow and difficult right now.
SkiPatrol’s general opinion was the helmet saved me from any further damage. Best case I can be back out for some spring skiing, but the prognosis isn’t likely. For now my season is over. And my bed calls for more sleep.

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. You never know when something is going to happen.
Thoughts and prayers bro. Get your dome straight and your arm back together. It could have been worse, but damn dude, it still sucks.