Helping Out with Linux

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Got an e-mail from a peer today who was in Linux hell. New Redhat server trying to run mysql and wordpress and for whatever reason the install was not working right and kept blowing up.
My first response–send me a shell prompt and a root login. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.
So it is hunt and peck and pray time.
Two hours and a dead phone handset later and we have the server working, but there is something funky about her firewall, internal network, DNS, or something. The server works for me to the outside world and I can get to it, but she is having the page blow up.
Now, I am not asking for help or trying to figure out life’s little mysteries. It just made me feel pretty good to do some troubleshooting and some Linux sys admin work for the first time in the last year or two. I sat there and busted out an old dusty O’Reilly book on mysql and was feeding her command line info. Trying to explain what “pwd” and “chmod” and “chown” and “mv” and “ls” were. And she keeps telling me, if you just wanted me to move that directory to this location, I can drag and drop it. Why you keep telling me to mv blah /blah/blah?
Good news is that it is for a new blog up north and I am so stoked to see it up and running. I know the author and read her myspace page and it is hysterical. I will post a link when it comes up.