Arizonans Sue Indian Casino to Stop Expansion

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Chandler, Arizona neighbors sue Gila River Indian Tribe alleging that the new casino planned just south of several neighborhoods will bring crime and decrease property values. In court, local citizens testified that if a casino was built mere blocks from their homes, it would impact their religious freedom and impact their community. One spokesman compared having a casino in their neighborhood to having a child watching his mother be raped and another claimed that building a casino so near to the homes was a primary cause behind 9-11.
OK, so that isn’t gonna fly when Indian Tribes in Arizona want to open Walkways over the Grand Canyon or want to build casinos just blocks from residential neighborhoods. But the story is great in what it says about the reservation system and the power the tribes weild against their neighbors with not even a thought on the lives of the people they displace:

The Gila River Indian Community’s plans to build a casino south of Chandler neighborhoods has residents organizing opposition and city and county officials stymied by spotty communication from the tribe.
Chandler Mayor Boyd Dunn said only a few months ago he asked Gila Gov. William Rhodes what was planned for the area south of Hunt Highway around Gilbert Road and was told it would continue as agricultural land. Last month and a few weeks after that conversation, he learned about plans to build a 120,000-square-foot, $60 million casino there.
Patty Kozas, who lives less than a half mile from the casino site, and many of her neighbors have been calling city offices to express worries about the casino’s impact on property values and neighborhood safety.
“But we keep running into, ‘there’s nothing we can do, it’s the reservation.’ It’s very frustrating for us because we live here and they’re building something near our houses.”

Amazing. They have no requirement to regulate the kinds of buildings or businesses on their land because the Federal Government allows them to completely control it. They can do anything they want on reservation land.
Well, that ain’t enough. See, they aren’t content to have massive reservations including the entire Northeast corner of Arizona. Other tribes aren’t content to simply desecrate the Grand Canyon. They want all land under their control so that they can build casinos wherever they want, but no one else has a damned bit of say. Matter of fact, even having 99% of the land under their control is not enough, they are gonna sue for the other 1%.
And not a damned thing we can do about it. Thanks 9th Circuit.