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Added a new blog to the blogroll. Check out Canadian Ski Resort info at Drift.
Note to folks that read my site–if you post comments and leave an e-mail or url, I usually check it out and or e-mail you back. I get bored with my day job where I sit on the computer all day and so most of my day is spent blogging or pretending to work or taking long lunches or going to Starbucks or ducking out of work four hours early to go skiing. Notice how blogging and pretending to work probably aren’t going to get me fired, yet, my long lunches and Starbucks runs or half days to ski probably will. If you have good stuff to read, I will add you to my links and you may very well save my job.
I dig this site and two other new ones, Rippin’ Skiers and Jon Lawson at My Snow Pro, a lot. (Links at the Right) I don’t have any sites in the blogroll that aren’t either serious eye candy (which JP and Alex at weknowsnow provide lots of) or great content (which everyone on the list has). I get off topic and rant from time to time, so my links give me fuel to provide content. So shoot me a link if you see something on the Inter-web-a-mathingy that I should be aware of that does not involve Canadian Pharmacies, various enlargements, or Britney Spears limo shots. I get plenty of links and comments and trackbacks to that. But you can’t get enough Canadian Oxycontin, can you?

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  1. hi justin — thanks for the shout out! glad you’re digging our canadian ski resort site (and it helps you avoid work). for myself, reading other ski and snowboard blogs isn’t free time. no sir, it’s 100% focused “information gathering” time for our blog. yep, information gathering. (got a nice ring to it!) i’ll visit often! cheers, ian

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