What to Remember on Your Ski Trip – from Jon Lawson

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Jon Lawson at mysnowpro.com has a list of what to remember on you ski trip and how to prepare and pack. I posted a similar article from Megeve Mike earlier this year. From mysnowpro:

So now after I told you of my personal issues, you may ask yourself, “why should I listen to this guy”. Well, I used to forget more, and I am better now. Also, if you were to pick up my instructor jacket you may be amazed at the weight. Lip balm, sunblock, cell phone, space pen, class list, neckgator, camera, ipod, trail maps, canting shims, accident forms, snacks, sometimes lunch, etc… You get the picture. A good instructor is always prepared.
So here are some ideas to get ready for your first ski day of the year.
Make a “clothing man”. Have some fun with this. The night before (or week), dress an imaginary person on the bed. Jackets, vests, softshells, pants, hat, gloves, socks, gloves, long underwear, boots, goggles, glasses, and neckgator. Perhaps even put your skis and poles next to everything. In the pockets of your jacket, put your sunblock, lip balm, and SKI PASS or ticket. Then lay your next outfit on top of the previous one. You may not need an extra jacket or pants, but please have extra socks! BTW, long thin socks are the best. Thick socks or two pair make your feet sweat, freeze, and fall off. Not a pretty sight.

I am going to add helmet in my case and my sons and brother’s case. I ski trees a lot and like to get off piste. I have this major fear of hitting a rock or stump and going down onto something and smashing my grape. It would totally suck to end up brain damaged or something. Drooling and slurring my words. I would be like Lou Holtz on ESPN’s College Gameday. Better yet, I picked up some new earphone pieces called “Tune Ups” for my Giro helmet and they have a built in Motorola microphone and headset that doubles up for playing my iPod. I also will add that a Motorola Radio and Portable GPS are good to have. The GPS is good for tracking where you went and better yet, when combined with the Radio is good in case you get lost. Especially helpful if you load it with trail maps which are becoming increasingly available.
I always keep a neck gator in my pocket, regardless of whether it is 40 degrees out. This last week, I left my fleece liner for my jacket and a crazy windstorm showed up at around noon. I had my neck gator and my neck and legs were warm, but my torso was seriously cold.
Two things not to bring–zig zags and or a pipe, and a flask. Keep in mind that drinking and skiing or smoking up and skiing numb your senses and extremities and are just bad news. And never forget your bathing suit. You gotta pack it if you want to hit the tub after a long day. Worse yet, it is winter at the resorts and they are kinda tough to find in the winter. We have a public sauna and hot tub at our condo and they generally frown on wearing boxer briefs or going commando in the tub. Especially when you are as white and fat as I am. So I bring my European speedo and normally wear my chest and back hair out with a good gold chain around my neck. Italian style baby.

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  1. thanks for the packing tips! good advice. especially that European speedo… though other guests at the resort may not share the hairy chest/gold-chain love. what’s the deal with that? cheers, ian.

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