JP at We Know Snow Has Some Eye Candy

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JP at We Know Snow (aka Colorado Backcountry) has some seriously sick shots of the latest dump in Colorado.
I gotta give props to JP and his crew, especially Alex at Colorado by Alex. Both sites are on my favorites to the Right. JP and Alex are awesome photographers and if for no other reason than their photography skills, you gotta stop by their sites. Reading their exploits is even better.
Wil at 120 Days had an ill fated trip with JP last year at Steamboat that when told in person over an adult beverage had me dying laughing. Hitchiking back into town after getting lost in the backcountry and wedged next to huge cliffs. Ah, the joys of the season going full steam.
It is tough reading about my boys in CO tearing it up on sick powder days while I am stuck in AZ and my place up north has a whopping three runs open. But if you are jonesing for some pics and some pow, check the links.