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Adam at Highly Obsessed has changed URL’s. Poor dude lives in Eastern Canada and the snow is seriously sucking–check that seriously lacking.
Show some love and drop by the new URL. Update your bookmarks. Etc.
If you don’t read his site, start. He updates it frequently and has lots of good stuff. Anyone that has torn knee ligaments but tells his ortho that he is gonna blow off the arthroscopic surgery until snowboard season is over should get some props.
Plus the dude lives in Canada. He has to deal with whatever that other weird language they speak up there is. No, I don’t mean French… I mean words like A-boot, as in, “What are you guys talking a-boot.” No clue dude. I will have to prep to ski with him by drinking like 30 Molsen’s and watching Strange Brew like 20 times. =) “Eh, Stop making fun of Canada you hosers.” I watched an interview with one of the Phoenix Coyotes the other day and between the whistle from the missing five front teeth, I could barely understand his sentence because every other word was a-boot or eh. At least it isn’t like the NBA where they ask “Know what I sayin'” after every sentence. And then, in Phoenix, we have Steve Nash. A damned Canadian NBA player. I can just imagine the combination… “Wanna say hey to my boys in Canada, eh. Know what I talking a-boot?” The very thought of hearing that makes me cringe.

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  1. Hahahah you crack me up. Thanks dude. 😉 And I must say, your blog ain’t so shabby yourself!
    Keeping with the Canadian stuff (and sports): I read in the Toronto Star the other day that the MVPs in three top-tier leagues this year — NHL, NBA and MLB — were Canadians (Joe Thornton, Steve Nash, Justin Morneau). Yay Canada!
    The ‘aboot’ thing is crazy because I swear we don’t do that. But every time I talk to an American they make me say ‘about’ over and over and just keep laughing. It goes both ways, though — the way most Americans say ‘hockey’ or ‘coffee’ , to me, is the same thing (sounds like ‘hackey’ and ‘caffee’).
    And for drinking: I think the most hoser-ish thing I’ve done is sit in a hottub in the dead of Edmonton winter, like -20, with a toque on drinking beers. That was badass. And the place I’m renting in Whistler has an outdoor hottub, so I think we’ll be doing that again!
    (BTW, if you ever try it.. gets you drunk really fast, so be careful!)

  2. Yep on the Canadian MVP’s. Steve Nash is a pimp. I get to watch him 41 times a year at home in PHX. (Well, not quite 41 since I give away or sell most of my tickets during ski season, but you get the point.)
    Whether the hot tub or not, the altitude alone is gonna kill you when it comes to alcohol. We both are flatlanders, and that is the first thing they warn you a-boot. Wil and I grabbed a bite before a Suns game and it took him like 20 minutes to drink a pint of Dos. I asked him what the deal was and he told me that Steamboat had cured him of drinking too fast. By the time it hits you if you are going too fast, it is too late.
    Nothing feels better after a long day than the tub. That is one thing that I always miss when I get back to PHX after being at the condo. It is a hundred yard walk outside to get to the indoor tub, but worth it.
    Note aboot Utah, they only sell 3.2% beer/water. People literally drive to Wyoming or Nevada to get real beer. Helps make up for the altitude though.

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