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Wil is my boy. Phoenix native. IT Freak. Sports Nut. And Web Pimp extraordinary.
The last several months have been rough on him. He has had all kinds of crap happen to him with his business. From getting stiffed on work to having unethical folks just plain rip him off and disappear. The dude is self employed and had a job that allowed him to work remotely from Steamboat. He certainly isn’t living the life of a king up there, but like most of us, can’t survive on the $7.00 that they pay, especially with his web design skills. Small towns don’t pay for crap for web folks anyway, so now with changing companies, he lost most of his stable work and clients.
We were chatting at a restaurant in downtown PHX two months ago about life in general and things seemed to be picking up. New job. New company. Well, now they stiffed him on $1,500. Dude has got to get back to PHX and back to work and is stuck in Steamboat at a friend’s condo until the end of the week and has been using our buddy Jon Wade’s corporate pass to at least get some riding in since he doesn’t have any work coming in. Then he has got to make the trip back to Phoenix this weekend so he can start looking for work again after his boss screwed him. So that is his hard luck story.
Dude is about to panhandle to raise money. “Out of Gas trying to get to Phoenix for the Holidays”… you know the type.
So please help hook a brutha up. For just $1 per day you can feed some poor kid in Africa according to Sally Struthers. Screw that. For like $20, you can help a ski bum get back to his real job and earn a living again. Wil is a good guy. It would be a shame for the dude to have to start manwhoring again. He thought that was over when he kicked the junk. (j/k) =)

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