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Gotta link to Jon’s video of his son Alden throwing down in on the short runs of the hill across the street from his house.
My kids are dying to get the skis on too. I got Jarrett a season rental this week of 107’s and some rear entry boots. Smokin’ deal on season rentals in PHX at Ski Pro. $80 for the season and includes boots, skis, and poles until April. I ain’t talking brand new twin tips or anything special, but he needs another year before he steps into Jakes K-2 125’s and boots from when he was 6.
I straight up have the hand me down thing going. I bought Jackson some new pants and am looking for a jacket. Jake got his jacket that I bought last year but loaned to Jacko back. Jarrett inherited Jake’s jacket and pants. Lindsey is all girly so I have to buy her crap that is pink and has fur on it, I am sure. She has another couple of years before we stick her on skis anyway.
I totally dig riding with Tim, Erich, Taufiq, Dan, Jake and the rest of the part-time crew that we roll with. But Jake and Jackson are the most fun of all to ride with. I can talk them in to doing stupid stuff and we have moderate co-pays on our health insurance. The rest of us are gonna start breaking hips pretty quick–well, not quite, but we have real jobs and in the back of our minds the thought of explaining to the boss how we broke our leg on a “sick” or “telecommuting” day would just kinda suck.
If you don’t have kids, you are missing out on the fun of them explaining how they learned to “pizza” not “french fry” and doing wedge turns down runs named “Weenie Roast”, “Bunny Hill”, and “Fuzzy Wuzzy First Time Rope Tow”. Then shortly after that, you miss the fun of them thinking that they can handle runs like “Suicide”, “Widow Maker”, and “Yard Sale”. And Jackson and Jake are both cocky, so I trash talk my 10 year old kid and 12 year old brother. Especially Jackson, because as an older brother, I have no obligation to preserve his self esteem. And as an uncle Jackson has no obligation to Jake either, but Jake is still a better skier, so Jack gets it from both sides. Good times.
I figure I have about half of this year left before they are embarrassing me and trying to get my to jib and keep up with them. They can stay on the greens in the terrain park with the snowboarders. I’ll take quad burning powder runs all day instead.

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  1. There is nothing like having your kids be so excited to get out and ski. You have clearly done a great job of sharing your love for skiing while giving them the room it takes for them to love it too. You have lucky kids but are even luckyier yourself.

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