Memorial Day at Brian Head

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Jeremy and both boys went with me to Brian Head this weekend and it was the first time he has seen the place without snow since he was not around during fall last year. The grass is coming in green and the Aspens are starting to grow leaves.
The place had more people than my last trip up, but it was still largely dead. We ate at the Bump and Grind and hung out a decent amount. We took US-89 up and back and the ride was mellow and relaxing as we avoided Hoover Dam over a holiday weekend.
Summer is just kicking off in Phoenix and the 110 degree temps are only days away. As we drove in on Saturday, it was SNOWING! It got down into the low 20’s and while it didn’t snow much, it certainly snowed some. Foggy and snowing. What a contrast.
I had some business at the Condo to take care of and missed game 3. We watched on the tv in the condo. But I ran into the former owner of my condo and invited him up to have a look. He didn’t know what to say. Not even the same place. You would think he had never lived there. Amazed.
I am heading up again after the playoffs are over. This season’s playoffs have been a marathon of emotions, but certainly enjoyable. It was nice to relax a bit and breathe the fresh air at Brian Head.

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