Brian Head in May

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Dropped the two oldest kids off this week and my wife and I headed north to the condo to relax and check out what is happening at Brian Head in the off months. The Answer–nothing. Less than nothing. I mean the entire place is empty. Ghost town like.
I ran over to the new condo site for the Lofts at Brian Head. They are ripping out trees and going to town. I am seriously happy about ponying up the money to buy one. Great investment and we are not sure about what we are going to do when it comes time to upgrade, but regardless, either this place after the remodel or the new place will surely sell for a healthy profit. I hung out with my friend and real estate agent Chris at High Country for a few today and looks like people are buying and selling up here again. If you want a place located within 6-7 hours of San Diego, LA, Las Vegas, and Phoenix with great snow and a family atmosphere, Brian Head is the place.