The Sierra Club’s Snowbowl Hypocrisy–Do They Support Rape and Genocide?

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Yesterday, I wrote that I am a proponent of rape and genocide according to Joe Shirley, Jr., the President of the Navajo Nation who used this rhetoric to fight against a ski resort expansion at Snowbowl in Arizona. I also wrote about the uneasy coalition of entities that formed to fight the resort. I want to compare and contrast Joe Shirley’s statements to these and see how consistent the Sierra Club is with their stands in opposition to rape and genocide. Joe Shirley invoked the Snowbowl is like the War in Iraq analogy with this statement, so let’s finish the analogy and look at the hypocrisy:

Shirley and other Native American leaders from cultures as diverse as the Navajos, Hopis and the various Pai tribes have been united on at least one thing: Not only should there not be snowmaking and other changes at the ski area, they would like to see the ski area go away. They say the peaks should return to their natural state in keeping with their federal wilderness designation.
“To Native Americans, desecrating the San Francisco Peaks with wastewater is like flushing the Koran down the toilet. . . . The federal government is ignoring the pleas and wishes of the Native people,” Shirley said.

Let’s add these other quotes to give context:

Using reclaimed wastewater on the San Francisco Peaks’ Snowbowl amounts to desecration of a sacred Holy site of the Navajos, said Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. By allowing this desecration “the United States of America will commit genocide.”

Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. told a U.S. District Court on Wednesday that proposed development of the sacred Dook’o’sliid would be like having a child witness the brutal violation of its mother, leaving it emotionally and psychologically scared forever.
According to Communications Director George Hardeen, the President testified, “It’s like someone coming in and violating and raping our mother. It hurts me. She’s already got scars.”

In 2000, the United Nations Published the following report on Iraq. The information contained was provided and confirmed by Amnesty International regarding “rape”:

  • Human rights organizations and opposition groups continued to receive reports of women who suffered from severe psychological trauma after being raped by Iraqi personnel while in custody.
  • Former Mukhabarat member Khalid Al-Janabi reported that a Mukhabarat unit, the Technical Operations Directorate, used rape and sexual assault in a systematic and institutionalized manner for political purposes. The unit reportedly also videotaped the rape of female relatives of suspected oppositionists and used the videotapes for blackmail purposes and to ensure their future cooperation.
  • In June 2000, a former Iraqi general reportedly received a videotape of security forces raping a female family member. He subsequently received a telephone call from an intelligence agent who stated that another female relative was being held and warned him to stop speaking out against the Iraqi Government.
  • Iraqi security forces allegedly raped women who were captured during the Anfal Campaign and during the occupation of Kuwait.
  • Iraqi security agents reportedly decapitated numerous women and men in front of their family members. According to Amnesty International, the victims’ heads were displayed in front of their
    homes for several days.

How about Genocide?

  • Former UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Max Van der Stoel’s report in April 1998 stated that Iraq had executed at least 1,500 people during the previous year for political reasons.
  • Iraq has conducted a systematic “Arabization” campaign of ethnic cleansing designed to harass and expel ethnic Kurds and Turkmen from government-controlled areas. Non-Arab citizens are forced to
    change their ethnicity or their identity documents and adopt Arab names, or they are deprived of their homes, property and food-ration cards, and expelled

So what was the Sierra Club doing to stop the “rape and genocide”? Here is their statement from their website about Iraq issued prior to the war:

We support our men and women in uniform. We hope and wish for their safe return, as we also hope for the safety of all innocent men, women and children in Iraq.
People of good conscience and good faith bring a range of concerns to this war. Expressing those concerns should not be grounds for challenges to one’s patriotism. The Sierra Club believes that the best way to disarm Saddam Hussein would have been through the inspection process sanctioned by the United Nations. We still believe that the best way to support American troops, save the lives of innocent Iraqis, and prevent further environmental devastation, is to halt the fighting and proceed immediately with a peaceful, lawful, UN-sanctioned disarmament.
Disarmament and destruction of any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction through resumed rigorous United Nations inspections will accomplish the international community’s goals without risking more lives, endangering the environment, or increasing anti-American sentiment among the Iraqi people and others throughout the world.
While honest people can disagree about the primary reasons for this conflict, no one can disagree that Iraq is strategically important to our country and the world because of its oil reserves. No matter how long the conflict lasts, we will find ourselves in a similar situation again unless the U.S. and other nations act decisively to cut our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels.
The simplest step would be to require that we reduce our country’s dependence on oil by using existing technology to make new cars and SUVs go farther on a gallon of gas. We can also invest in increasing our reliance on wind and solar power, using technologies that generate energy more effectively than ever before. We can implement solutions that will save oil and save lives.

Notice, no mention of religious freedom or of genocide or of rape. That is because the Sierra Club is not against rape and genocide and atrocities. They are against oil. They are against skiing. They mention if we inspect for WMD’s and stop using so much oil, they don’t have much problem with what their friends at Amnesty International are saying about Rape and Genocide.
Joe Shirley wants to invoke the Koran in the Toilet story. But guess what, that story was a fabrication. It did not happen. It was a false story used by Al Qaeda to ratchet up the propoganda war and inflame tensions over Iraq to increase their recruiting. And the Sierra Club jumps on board with Shirley because their agenda makes for strange bedfellows. Whether you support the war in Iraq or not, surely no one supports rape and genocide. Joe Shirley wants to equate my skiing to GITMO torture, and my skiing to rape and genocide. And the Sierra Club has shown their stand on rape and genocide. Rape and kill all you want, just don’t ski or use oil and destroy the environment.

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  1. Rape/Genocide: The whole government is corrupted, they raped and killed native americans through out the U.S. to get what they want land, resources, gold, silver, copper, oil, etc. What is new?

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