A Basin opened Sunday

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Arapahoe Basin opened Sunday with one lift and one run open. Loveland is still open with similar conditions–roughly an 18″ base of man made groomed snow.
Weekends tend to get crowded at A Basin during the early season since there is only one run open and a lot of folks from Colorado have the A Basin Bonus Pass that they sell for $229 and includes 5 days at Keystone or Breckenridge and one day at Vail or Beaver Creek. Doesn’t it cost something like $229 for a day at Vail alone now? Not quite, but Keystone and Breck both run from the high $50’s to $75 per day and Vail and Beaver Creek are both around the same. Add up 6 days of skiing at $75 a day and you could buy two A Basin passes… oh yeah, and you get to ski A Basin all season for free too. If you know you will use it, get a Bonus Pass.
Obviously this is a smokin’ deal, but what happens is almost everyone that can buys this pass and so during the early season when A Basin is open before everyone else, all the folks with the pass head up to take their first turns on the one run that is open. It is bad on weekdays, but almost unbearable on weekends. But if you cannot wait to get your first taste of man made snow and don’t mind a rock or two gouging your freshly waxed base, good times! The last two years I have hit A Basin and Loveland the first week of November and have the P-Tex bills to show for it. Six months is too long to go without skiing.

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  1. It may be crowded, small and have little snow but you go every year don’t you. Keep up that commitment to skiing and you will always be a happy person. I got out up on Buffalo Pass up here in Steamboat Springs in early October when we had our first snow and it felt great. I’m sure I got a few gouges but it is hard to tell on my early early season rock skis. Have a great winter.

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