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For those of you who have run a blog, you probably understand trackback and comment spam. It seems that someone out there thinks that the readers of a site about skiing are interested in poker, online casinos, Canadian pharmaceuticals, midget porn, and nude photos of celebrities that are doctored with Photoshop. I have been deluged with deleting spam links and it is a less than rewarding experience.
Joni at the Web Jones and I decided to update to MT 3.2 as it has far better trackback and comment spam protection. No more midget gambling sites that sell Canadian Viagra. Again, you do not know how hard Joni rocks. I send her an e-mail last night at around 5 PM saying how bad the spam is getting and by 1 PM today, the site is back up and upgraded to MT 3.2. If you blog or are simply looking for some Web Design, you gotta check her out. Check the links at the bottom of the page.
I am in a serious holding pattern right now. I know the snow is coming and resorts are going to start opening soon, but Mother Nature is toying with us. On top of that, the contractors on the condo are delayed so I am stuck at home chilling and waiting.

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