Road Trip to Park City

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My oldest son is 8 and spent far more time away from school than he should have last year to ski with me. But how can you look in an 8 year old’s eyes and have him ask, “Why can’t I go with you?”
My usual answer is, “Because you have school tomorrow.” He has learned an effective strategy to counter this argument and frequently employs the “But don’t you have to work tomorrow” defense. I have learned a new countermeasure though that my mother in her ancient wisdom taught–“Because I said so.” But sometimes it is far better to have some conversation during the ride up and someone to hang with than to worry about having a child that is literate and can do simple mathematics. When my other buddies actually have to work and cannot “telecommute” (Erich), then the ride from Phoenix gets kinda long. But enough about that though… the point is we are taking a pre-season roadie to Park City.
One of the key features of the 2002 Olympics (besides the whole bribery thing which was my favorite part) was the construction of several different venues that are open to the public. One such facility is the Freestyle/Aerials Splash Pool.

Jake and I are taking a three day road trip north to Park City to attend one of the Aerials clinics at the splash pool and check out what is happening up there. And when he asks, “But Dad, why do I have to go to Park City to learn new Aerials at an Olympic training venue” the answer is {SMACK} “Because I said so”. Let’s hope we don’t have the conversation…

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  1. Justin,
    Did you get a chance to make it up to Park City to check out this pool? If so, I want to see pics of you doing some freaky double back flip/helicopter spin/cartwheel into the pool, because we all know that is what our yard sales look like in the snow as were going down the mountain.

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