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Justin Blackburn works as a consultant and IT architect for a major software company. He occasionally writes in the third person, but trust me, he is writing this. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from ASU in Global Business and Information Systems and serve on the Board of Directors of the School of Global Business and Leadership's Alumni Association. After growing up primarily in Montana and first attending college at Montana State University, he has spent the last several years traveling and skiing across the Rocky Mountain West and living in Utah and Arizona. Currently, he does freelance writing and marketing consulting part time.

So in 2005, I kicked off this site and wanted to write about my experiences trying to squeeze in as many ski days as possible, while maintaining suitable employment in the IT industry. I bought a condo in Brian Head, UT, and have written about the remodel process; the ski industry as a whole; various events and issues in the Southwest; and occasionally about local sports, politics, and humor.

I get complaints from time to time about what this site ***should*** be. It is not a pure skiing site. It is also not a blog that I talk about my pets and making cookies. I do that kind of crap on facebook. I try to keep the site about skiing as much as possible, but I certainly will post other interesting stuff as it comes up.

I have three kids that are at various stages of learning. Jake will be 13 in January 2010 and is skiing double blacks and hiking. He pretty much shreds and leaves me behind. Jarrett is still trying to stay parallel and at 8, almost 9, is learning the basics. And my little Lindsey is going to be 5 in March and splits time between playing in the snow and skiing on the Bunny Slope. Plus my youngest brother Jackson is like a 4th kid and just turned 15. My wife is an avid non-skier which sucks in a big way, but she is cool with me taking off on a whim, pulling the kids out of school, and chasing a powder dump.

I write a lot about affordability and family aspects of the sport. I am nowhere near as hardcore as perhaps others without kids and families can be. I love steep and deep, but have to weigh spending time with my younger kids versus my love to mix it up in the trees. There is a little of something for everyone about the sport.

I hope you enjoy the site.

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