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August 14, 2010

Summer Goes By So Quickly

OK, I have accomplished nothing toward getting in shape for this upcoming season. Been supposed to start working out since... well... I guess since I was like 14. But I did start hitting the tanning bed so that when my fat ass gets in the hot tub, people do not burn their retinas.

So here is it, mid August, and we are getting ready for another year. Kept the place at Brian Head which I am seriously stoked about. Property values are hellish right now, but with the economy what it is, our lender wants no part of us giving them the house back and they modified our loan. By the time I retire, the value of it may come back to what we have into it.

I have new boots and skis that I bought last season. All geared up and ready. I just need snow.

Here is hoping for early snow and a great winter. I gotta start blogging more...

Posted by Justin at August 14, 2010 03:01 AM