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August 30, 2010 Names Mirjam Jaegar as Ski Ambassador

This sounds pretty cool:

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., August 25, 2010 —, the ultimate online ski resource, has signed Swiss pro-skier Mirjam Jaeger as its ambassador to the freestyle skiing community. In her position as ambassador, Jaeger will contribute short essays to the company’s blog ( ) and its Facebook and Twitter pages. She will also film several educational videos for the web site on topics including how to slide rails and the beginners guide to using the half pipe.

“We are so excited to have Mirjam represent,” said President and CEO Steve Kopitz. “She is mesmerizing to watch both on and off the slope. We are looking forward to hearing what tips she has to offer on freestyle skiing.”

A longtime skier, Jaeger became interested in snowboarding in 1991. She quickly quit skiing, entered into snowboarding competitions, enrolled into a sports school, and booked her first sponsors, all by age 16.

Her love of skiing returned and she began practicing the sport again in 2003. It soon became so important to her that she stopped snowboarding altogether and, in 2005, started to concentrate exclusively on skiing. She keeps a busy schedule, competing all over the world, including at the X-Games, US Open and European Open.

Kinda stoked to learn a little more freestyle stuff and see some decent videos of rail work, etc. Mostly so that I can destroy the edges of my new Nordicas because it sounds like fun.


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August 23, 2010

Crested Butte Sees First Snow

Not really much of a story (or much of a snowstorm), but I need to start posting on this site occasionally. I mean, I have been so incredibly lazy that I have got to get going. Thanks to our three readers for sticking around.

This makes those extra four reps on the leg press worth doing:

Skiers and snowboarders start your engines! Well not quite - but as you can tell from the photo below, winter is indeed coming. The folks at Crested Butte woke up this morning to a dusting of snow, marking the first real signs of the upcoming winter. So grab those newly printed buyer's guides from your mailbox and start figuring out which planks your going to be riding this year. Judging by the looks of it, snow appears to be on its way sooner than later...

I have been in the gym six days this week which is six more days than I spent all last year. I have my new Nordica Zeros and my even newer Nordica Hot Rod boots to break in. Two months and A-basin and Loveland will be open with WROD.

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August 22, 2010

Avoid Altitude Sickness (h/t First Tracks Online)

This looks handy:

Salt Lake City, UT - If you're one of those folks who routinely suffer from altitude sickness, a tiny, convenient fingertip pulse oximeter from Brooks-Range Mountaineering may be just the ticket.

This $90 device, which weighs only 30g (1 oz.) without its two AAA batteries, measures pulse rate both digitally and via a bar graph, and more importantly, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). It does so without drawing any blood by using light and a photodetector. Simply slip your finger into the device, wait a moment, and your pulse and blood oxygen are displayed on the device's LED readout. Power is conserved by shutting down automatically after eight seconds, but an indicator on the display notifies the user when it's time to change the batteries.

Not exactly a revolutionary gadget since doctors have been using these for years, but a hell of an idea for altitude sickness.

Worst skiing experience I have had was when Erich and I got altitude sickness at Wolf Creek after hiking Alberta Peak. The trip down was horrible. When I got to the bottom, I recovered enough to ski again almost immediately, but Erich was done for the day. I was not right the rest of the day, but I was able to see straight unlike him. The headache lasted a couple days.

However, that weekend was also one of the best experiences too and thankfully the altitude sickness happened at around 2PM on the last day there. It would suck to ruin an entire trip over it. This device may help.

But why pay $90 for it? Just steal it from your doctor's office, right?

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August 14, 2010

Summer Goes By So Quickly

OK, I have accomplished nothing toward getting in shape for this upcoming season. Been supposed to start working out since... well... I guess since I was like 14. But I did start hitting the tanning bed so that when my fat ass gets in the hot tub, people do not burn their retinas.

So here is it, mid August, and we are getting ready for another year. Kept the place at Brian Head which I am seriously stoked about. Property values are hellish right now, but with the economy what it is, our lender wants no part of us giving them the house back and they modified our loan. By the time I retire, the value of it may come back to what we have into it.

I have new boots and skis that I bought last season. All geared up and ready. I just need snow.

Here is hoping for early snow and a great winter. I gotta start blogging more...

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