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May 14, 2010

New Boots

Alright, my brief complete break from skiing appears to be over. Yesterday I was at Ski-Pro in Phoenix just to check what they had going on. Five years in my Nordica Beasts has left them packed and left me swimming in them. I didn't notice it at first but slowly I noticed I was really struggling to make turns and using my quads a lot more than before. I felt sore and had trouble with balance in my turns that I never really had, especially in pow.

Liners just get packed over time. I was wearing a pair of 30.5 which translate to size 12 and I have always been a 30.5 and size 12. So I went in to Ski-pro because it was 5:30 PM and I was stuck downtown and didn't want to fight rush hour. What the hell, right? Great time to buy, got time to look, and I am just looking.

Famous last words. They started measuring and checking and I tried on several different brands. Turns out I am not a 30.5 size 12. I changed the kind of socks that I wear the last couple years and usually wear either microfiber ultrathin socks or in a pinch a pair of black knee high panty hose. I bought a new pair of ski socks (in part because I was wearing sandals and didn't want to use their "loaner test sock" program, but also because I want a good pair. When measured in my new socks I was between 29.0 and a 29.5.

Now mind you, I know you are supposed to wear tight boots for performance, but going that small is almost impossible if for some reason you have to wear cotton socks, which is a total no no, but some days you run out or don't have all your gear set up and don't want to buy a $25 pair of socks at the resort for one day of skiing. Get them sized to be ultra tight for thin socks and the damned things won't fit with any other socks.

So here is what sucks. I tell Jake I bought new boots and they are in the garage so check them. I did not specify that I bought me new boots, just that I stopped at Ski-pro. So Jake goes out and assumes "My Dad loves me (mixed on that) and bought me new boots." So he tries them on. They are his size. He was a 28.5 last year and is probably passing me now.

So here is what I bought--a pair of Nordica Hot Rod 105's in a 29.5. I put them on and it was like the pair of jeans that you have had for 7 years that are all worn out on the seams and the pockets and that you wash in hot water because if they shrink just a tiny bit they are perfect. You know that if you wear them a little bit, they break in to be the best jeans you have ever owned.

I tried Salomons and some other Nordicas and a couple other brands and nothing fit like these. Most I have ever spent on boots and it was an impulse buy, but they knocked them down to $450. I am sure I overpaid a little but for them taking an hour to talk skiing, plus fitting me, plus trying on several pairs, plus them being local, I figured I would just buy right there rather than ebay it.

I really noticed the boots were a problem on my last powder day of the year. I could not keep my tips up and had to get so far in the backseat that my quads died by noon. But my Beasts are like those holey ratty jeans that finally your wife throws away and two weeks later you wonder where they are and you consider where to dig the shallow grave.

Looks like Jake may inherit the Beasts because they still have plenty of life left in them for him when he is gigantor in another year or two. Damned kid grows so quick I cannot afford gear for him anymore. I loved the days of a set of skis, boots, poles, bindings, etc., costing $250 for a junior. Perhaps I need to wash Jake in hot water and shrink him back down. No bleach because he is already a Ginger.

Posted by Justin at 01:14 PM

May 06, 2010

Brian Head Resort for Sale - $34.25M

Article here:

When Brian Head's primary owner, Jim Trees, 69, died suddenly of a heart attack in 2008, it was just a matter of time before the Trees family unloaded Dad's amusement. The family had not invested in the resort much since then and the last major improvement was the connecting bridge in 2007.

The long-awaited interconnect lift and ski trail system joined Navajo and Giant Steps mountains to allow skiers and snowboarders to circulate freely between the two areas. Now, it's official. CB Richard Ellis Golf & Resort Properties in Carlsbad, Calif., is listing southern Utah's only ski resort for sale. CB Richard Ellis also lists the bankrupt Tamarack resort in Idaho. They brokered the sale of Wyoming's exclusive Yellowstone Club last year.

The property includes 1,106 acres, eight chairlifts, a tubing hill, snowmaking facilities, lodges, a dozen finished real estate lots on 13 acres, 1,744 acres for the planned community of Alpine Creek, and a golf course. One hundred fifty-six acres at the base of Giant Steps has been zoned for residential and commercial development as part of a future ski resort village.

Not sure anyone would want any part of the investment at that price right now. I want to see some financials and skier visit numbers for this year.

Posted by Justin at 04:12 PM