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March 17, 2010

Season Winding Down

I looked up and realized how little skiing I did this season. This is the least I have done since probably 2003. Not that I didn't want to get out more, just that the new job has made it a lot more difficult. No vacation time, etc.

There is roughly a month left in the season and plenty of snow, especially in the Southwest due to El Nino. Most resorts close the weekend after Easter so probably three solid weeks left.

I am going to try to close the place down at Brian Head and really want to try pond skimming.

Posted by Justin at 01:52 PM

March 16, 2010

6' in Last Week at Brian Head

Title kind of says it all. Ginger, Jackson, and my dad are at the condo this week, but sadly I am working in PHX.

Today was epic. First full day of bluebird after a sick three foot storm on Sunday. I need to quit my job.

Posted by Justin at 12:50 AM