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January 25, 2010

Perhaps the Best Ski Day Ever at Brian Head

I hate making a pronouncement like that but in the last week BH has gotten over 4' of snow and Saturday we cut first tracks on Dunes and by first tracks I mean we took at least four laps down The Plunge before anyone else even tried.

Saturday was 15 degrees, sunny without a cloud, and almost zero wind. Plus four feet of fresh.

And even at that, we were done around noon because we had seen and done all there was to see and do. Roulette. Check. Face of Giant Steps and Engens. Check. Several laps on Dunes. Check. Hit all the usual powder stashes. Skied all the places we love to ski.

Here is how bad it was--after a perfect ski day, we were so thoroughly bored with Brian Head (5 years of 20 days will do that to you) that we spent Sunday SNOWBOARDING. First time for me, Jake and Jackson. Dude, I am sore. I really don't like falling on my face, but falling on my ass and worrying about broken wrists is worse. I am sore. Tired. Have a headache. Jake broke his goggles he fell so hard. And in general I suck ass at it. Jake and Jackson are much better than I am.

I hate to speak ill of a bluebird powder day, but I am just growing so bored of skiing the same terrain over and over. That said, Jarrett has been in lessons every trip this year and because he is an advanced intermediate and there are very few of them here, he gets either a private lesson or a lesson with 1-2 other kids at worst. He is really coming along.

Which brings me to another point. Jake talking trash. He tells me how bad I suck and how much better he is than me at the top of Engens. I say, tell you what, let's race to the bottom and see. Knee to waist deep pow, steepest place on the mountain (not saying much). I blew him away. So then he says, "Well I meant best form, not fastest." OK, we head down to the next big drop and we try again so I can see his form. He ate it about halfway down, total faceplant yardsale.

It helps having my brand new Nordica Zeros. I am not going to lie. Good gear helps a ton. Skiing the pow was effortless and there is no way to keep up with me when my skis are 20mm wider tip-waist-tail than his. But I ain't telling him that. I will keep my superiority as long as I can afford newer better gear which will be pretty much forever given his grades this year. He is a much better skier than student and that ain't saying much.

Jackson on the other hand just quietly goes about shredding.

Posted by Justin at January 25, 2010 05:31 PM


Awesome Justin! I am glad that you got to ski on such a huge day! We are going up to Buff Pass tomorrow to ski the 22" they got this weekend. The snow stays good up there for a couple of weeks so it should be great. I will send a video if we get some good shots

Posted by: Steamboat at January 26, 2010 11:30 AM