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December 08, 2009

Stimulus Money to Fight Snowboard and Ski Theft

Got the following SLC Tribune article forwarded by a reader this weekend:

Brian Head » The battle is on to prevent ski and snowboard thefts in Utah, and the new front is at Brian Head.

Police in this resort town are using federal stimulus money to buy a tracking device that will allow them to keep tabs on snowboard thieves. Chief Gary Bulloch also plans to borrow a van full of surveillance equipment to catch thieves on camera.

"You get young kids that have worked all summer to buy a new snowboard and they're taken out of the ski season," said Bulloch. "That Christmas morning gift, that is gone by the first of January."

Brian Head isn't the only resort town trying to clamp down. Sheriffs' offices in Salt Lake, Summit and Cache counties use sting operations to catch thieves. Last ski season, Park City police started a registry in which skiers and snowboarders can log the make, model and serial number of their ski gear.

The tactics highlight an overlooked security aspect of recreational skiing: How skis and snowboards, sometimes worth thousands of dollars, are left unprotected on racks outside lodges.

The outdoor industry manufactures locks to tether skis and snowboards to racks and railings, but the locks receive scant attention from consumers and retailers.

If you steal gear, you are the lowest form of life. Get a job. Work for it yourself.

This ain't ducking an occasional line to hit a closed run. This is someone's trip that you are taking away.

Posted by Justin at December 8, 2009 02:06 PM