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December 27, 2009

Brian Head Ski School

Took a while to update the site with details of the latest trip because I was working the whole time I was in Utah this trip and got out three days but it was for an hour here hour there. This trip reminded me what I love about Brian Head.

Jarrett was still really struggling trying to get out of his wedge. If we got on anything steeper than a green, he went right back into it and it makes life horrible to try and teach because I lack patience and in general did not have the time to spend an entire day on the slopes anyway this trip.

We took him to the Kids Camp at Brian Head in part against his wishes. He wants to ski with Jake, Jackson, and me who are all level 9 skiers and he is a level 4ish though after three days in ski school he is probably approaching level 6. So needless to say his 15 year old uncle and 13 year old brother don't really want to ski with a level 4 eight year old.

The Kids Camp is so awesome. Because he is beyond learn to ski, he got a class with two kids on two of the days and was the only kid with the instructor on the third day. Drastic improvements in three days. They covered the entire mountain including the main Giant Steps area. Good meal. Great lessons.

Net is that Brian Head may lack steeps, but the snow is usually good, the staff is great, the town is friendly, the prices are right, and it is an absolutely outstanding mountain to learn to ski at.

Wednesday was a very good day with a foot of fresh, but the upper mountain was closed so we only snuck in about an hour and a half during my lunch. Before that... not so much. But the resort is 100% open and there is good snow cover. Now it is just timing the big storms.

Posted by Justin at December 27, 2009 10:26 AM


Im coming into Breckenridge at the end of next week. Whats Vail and Breckenridge looking like now? Are the more advanced trails open? Any info/feedback is greatly appreciated.

Posted by: david at December 29, 2009 11:52 AM