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June 07, 2009

Summer Getting Started - Awaiting Camp Trip to Wyoming

Not a lot going on as you can tell by the complete lack of posting. I am working to sell the condo, we are selling our house, and we are moving to a little more comfortable digs on the outskirts of Phoenix (not that we weren't already in the outskirts).

I am officially out of work as of probably next week and am living off of severance while looking for a new job. It isn't a bad deal and has given me some time to think about and prioritize my life some. Gone is the condo and the overpriced house. Casualties of the housing collapse in Phoenix and Brian Head as well as of my downsizing.

One real plus of the developments has been that I have been able to cut my fixed monthly expenses significantly and this will make it easier for me to travel. I am also unloading the place at Brian Head which will make it more likely that I will be able to ski more at Wolf Creek and in Utah at other resorts.

The economy ain't great my friends. But as will most addicts, I will find a way to get to the slopes as often as time and money permit. The plus side is that I can focus on deals even more... if that is a plus side.

Not much else is new. Just preparing for our annual camp trip to Shell Lake, Wyoming, and watching the snowpack sensors drop every day. Leaving in three weeks.

Posted by Justin at June 7, 2009 10:13 PM


Best of luck changing course and finding new ski horizons. We came this close to going to Wolf Creek this winter. But our Vegas on points tickets made it more convenient to go to Brian Head. We were not disappointed but Wolf Creek looks like a bowl paradise. I think Brian Head real estate does not appear to be a great investment. Brian Head seems to be more a Vegas weekend getaway so most people are not able to get a lot of midweek rentals in terms of ROV. As a mid week renter and looking for quiet i have to say what a find! Having said all that Brian Head has potential as a 4 season hide away and summer heat refuge. The resort operators might need some state help. The first thing I think they should do is take the Navajo chair to the very top of Navajo mountain and build a deck/look-off/shop/restaurant up there for the summer, fall and winter. Come view, hike, bike, eat looking over Cedar Breaks. I'd only keep the runs that go down to the interconnect. One or 2 Navajo flat runs can be left for ski in ski out for those with the big properties and be used as bike trails in non winter months. I would make the "Navajo" runs under the lift that starts on the Giant Steps side but crosses the highway the night skiing. Those 3 or 4 runs are pretty fun. Then they should pull the current 2 lifts on Giant Steps at the terrain park have 1 detachable quad that goes top to bottom high enough to give the place 1500' of vertical. It shouldn't be hard to get another 180'from what I could see. But... currently the place looks like it cannot or should not make the jump to the next level.

Posted by: Away Visitor at June 15, 2009 04:30 PM