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April 20, 2009

Utah Changes Liquor Laws--More Ski Friendly

New Liquor Laws go into place July 1, 2009:

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. served up the most broad-based changes to Utah's alcohol policy in four decades Monday, signing legislation doing away with the state's one-of-a-kind private clubs law and changing the way restaurants can serve drinks.

Since 1969, patrons at Utah's bars have been required to be members of a so-called "private club," a construct designed with the strong involvement and backing of the LDS Church and aimed at restricting the flow of liquor.

"We made a little bit of history today," Huntsman said after signing the bill in The New Yorker, an upscale bar in downtown Salt Lake City.

Tourism officials in the state said the change will have an impact on the state's $6 billion a year tourism industry, but you won't see ads enticing tourists to "Come Get Drunk In Utah."

Ha. =)

Interesting changes that are much needed. As someone that does not drink (though this has only been the last couple years), Utah's laws are confusing and irritating. My friends have to go to private clubs and places like Applebees and Chilis have odd rules at the bar.

This will bring Utah into a more mainstream position and will help tourism.

Lots of the Mormon rules in Utah are good things--especially their driving laws for teenagers--but others are oppressive to non-Mormons. Just the nature of the state. You go there and deal with the culture the best that you can.

Posted by Justin at April 20, 2009 10:43 AM