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February 18, 2009

Brian Head Weekend

I think I have officially run the course at Brian Head. I hate to say it, but we spent three days this weekend and I only skied one, despite pretty good snow. Problem is severalfold:

  • Wind
  • Lack of diverse terrain
  • Lack of advanced terrain
  • Lack of trees leading to all of the above
  • Slow lifts
  • Four years of skiing the same stuff just doesn't get it anymore

I am always waiting for the perfect powder day and thus far this season, we have not gotten it. It is either so windblown that the snow is in Colorado by the time we can ski, it is so windy they close the lifts, or the storm that was supposed to be coming never materializes. I hate to complain, but I think it is time to sell the condo (though with the market the way it is, I might have to short sell it) and move on to whiter pastures on the other side of the fence.

The skiing was great if you are not a spoiled semi-local homeowner. =) We skied Devo's Pitch for the first real time since it is either closed or hard to get to most of the time and it was awesome. If there were more areas like that and they were longer and larger, I might never get bored. Of course we skied some Pow on Dunes and did a run down Roulette and a one down Engens.

Actually, we didn't even clean the place and didn't do any real work. We just sat and chilled and enjoyed the place and the long weekend. It was surprisingly slow for a holiday weekend, but that may be because the the renters were a church group and not a bunch of drunken punks.

Oh, and we got the new puppy neutered while we were gone. I will post pics of the dog when I get some new ones. Little Weimer pup that is high strung and head strong.

Posted by Justin at February 18, 2009 03:19 PM


I once spent an otherwise nice summer day suffering through the Brian Head Epic 100 Race, but have never been in the winter. Currently living in Haines, Alaska- check out the town if you are looking for greener pastures. Great skiing and outdoor fun, although we might have the world's slowest connectivity.

Nice blog as well.
Greg Schlachter
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Posted by: Greg at February 24, 2009 05:53 PM

Sometimes I guess it just feels better not to ski but to take in winter and pardon the pun, chill. I would try to not take a place like this for granted. The view from the top would keep me coming back if nothing else. I took in a week at Brian Head for the first time the first week of February. Here is my take. Monday to Friday zero lift lines! Zero! I got 2 - 5 day passes and we skied as we felt like it. That was 930-430 Monday and Tuesday and 930-2 on Wednesday and Thursday and a couple of hours on Friday. Perfect weather except the Wednesday was windy and cold. But hey I've seen a lot worse like -50 at the top of Smugglers Notch Vermont. The ski school was really good for my son and it let me just ski run after run. The place is cruiser terrain for big GS turns. Its charm is the different feel off each chair and the interconnect is a nice wrinkle. I liked chair 5's terrain best and spent most of my time there. My only criticism is you are kind of forced at times to ski the run to the right of the terrain park to the bottom which is like getting funneled on mediocre terrain. I am a big believer in small resorts and this was a great one. When the light is flat at the top (one morning) it was hard to see what you are skiing on. That is tricky and trees are missed up there. But when it is sunny it rocks. I finished off my week by spending Friday afternoon and Saturday at defunct Elk Meadows where we drove by pick up near to the top of the old runs. They had about a foot or so of untouched snow on each of their wonderfully pitched runs. Nice to see 8's carved and then the next day see those same 2 sets of 8's still there. What a crime that place folded. Maybe not so much if you are a telemarker. This area of Utah is special and if it were me I would hang onto that condo!!!

Posted by: Away visitor at February 24, 2009 09:02 PM

It is a great resort for learning and for my kids. I love the condo for just that reason, there are few places better to teach kids to ski. It is nothing but groomers and cruisers and there are never lift lines.

Elk Meadows is a shame, but it was bought by some developers that are going to turn it into a private resort, allegedly. Not sure how that is progressing.

Posted by: Justin B. at February 25, 2009 10:12 AM

Those reasons Justin B mentioned are why we went but going to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park was also a huge plus. I originally thought I might get bored at Brian Head but I didn't. It felt so good to take in that skiing environment and make it our near exclusive domain. I don't think a private club will ever fly up the I15 as private clubs usually only work in areas where there are large populations and the adjacent skiing is scarce. In Utah there is't that mix as there is so much skiing.

Posted by: away visitor at February 25, 2009 03:14 PM

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