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January 08, 2009

Bargain Hunters, Juniors, Apparel Keep Industry Afloat

From First Tracks Online:

While the overall retail market struggled to make it into the black after Thanksgiving, the ski and snowboard retail market remained healthy with 3% growth according to SnowSports Industries America's (SIA) own research. August to November snow sports sales surpassed $917 million as the overall retail market faltered in the recession's nadir. SIA further reports that carryover and juniors' equipment sales continued to lead the snow sports hard goods market, while sales of this season's alpine ski and snowboard equipment sagged. Cross country ski equipment is a bright spot in the hard goods category with 14% growth season over season...

Sales of carryover gear continued to account for a significant portion of equipment sales in November. Carryover accounted for 30% of skis, 23% of snowboards, 21% of ski boots, and 23% of snowboard boots sold August to November 2008. Compare that to last season's August to November results when carryover sales accounted for just 20% of skis and 21% of snowboards sold and millions fewer dollars spent.

However, sales of current year model alpine ski equipment sagged heavily with most ski categories down significantly. In fact, excluding carryover sales, current model alpine ski sales are down about 16%. Ski prices are up across the board but dollar sales of skis (including carryover) are down almost 7% despite the increase...

Parents didn't slow their spending on equipment and apparel for the kids in November. Overall, junior's equipment sales increased 12%; junior ski sales were up 21% in dollars, junior snowboard sales increased 1% in dollars. Parents were not skimping on apparel for their kids either, junior apparel sales increased 7% and a surprise in the numbers was sales of junior snow suits that increased more than 40% in units and in dollars...

Chain stores' equipment sales continue to sink with total decreases of 21% in dollars and 19% in units. Alpine ski sales are down 24% and snowboard equipment sales decreased 22%. Chain stores equipment sales accounted for just 11% of all equipment sales in the U.S. snow sports marketplace from August to November. Apparel sales made up half of all chain store snow sports sales August through November 2008.

Sports Authority by my house has already taken down their entire ski section and moved in Watersports equipment. They did this mid-December.

Junior ski sales up 21%, snowboard sales up 1%. Interesting. Worth noting.

Posted by Justin at January 8, 2009 12:12 PM


Awesome Blog..... keep it up

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