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December 21, 2008

Sunrise Trip (Boycott Over)

As you may be aware, I have been boycotting Sunrise for almost three years:

I had this idea for Sunrise. Try this on for size--Snowbowl gets as many as 125,000 skier visits, 70% of which are from Phoenix. If Sunrise can get Snowbowl to close, they would capture at least a large portion of those skier visits and probably be profitable, even in a bad year. If estimates are correct, that 125,000 number may be more like 200,000. Then Sunrise could show a large enough profit to get their loan to make more snow and attract even more skier visits. Leading to even more profits. Wow. That Bachelor's Degree in Business from ASU finally pays off. Or maybe not. Even the WMA tribe is smart enough to come up with this business plan.

Well, news for Sunrise--I ain't gonna be a skier visit ever again or deal with their rude WMA tribe members that work the resort, stay in their trashy hotel, or spend money at their casinos. They are trying to hose Snowbowl by using some lame "Religious Freedom" excuse to shut down snowmaking on the precious San Francisco Peaks. Instead of pumping WMA tribe money into fixing their 30 year old facilities and improving conditions, they instead spend it on legal challenges to shut down their competition.

And who gets screwed in this whole deal? Why, the people of Phoenix, Tucson, and so forth that would rather shave two hours each way off of their drive and save the gas money they would spend going to Sunrise by going to Flag which is much closer. Better yet, Snowbowl has a more friendly and helpful staff made up mostly of college kids that actually do ski or ride unlike the WMA tribe members that run the resort at Sunrise. They understand skiing and care about the sport unlike the tribe at Sunrise, most of whom are simply there because in the winter they cannot start fires to provide work like they did in 2002 by starting the Rodeo-Chediski fires...

Well, I am done boycotting since Snowbowl finally prevailed in court:

Regardless of which of these explanations you want to choose as the motivation for the above parties, all of their reasons lack sufficient reasoning to stop the development. And short of the SCOTUS taking the issue on, and by all means send it to Roberts and Alito and Thomas and Scalia to decide, I think this is over. A SCOTUS decision would actually be even more harmful to the Environmental movement because it would codify this decision where it cannot be overturned even among the Liberal 9th Circuit.

Well, yesterday, Sunrise was awesome. Great snow. We skied Maverick and Lupe and took laps in the singles line on Sunrise Lift. A little bit of moguls. A little bit of powder. And great coverage. We ate an incredible lunch at the mid-mountain lodge. Pork burritos and rice and beans. Everything about the experience was good. And it was also Jackson's first time skiing somewhere other than Brian Head.

Only the Sunrise Peak is open, but more should be coming open soon with the storms coming this week.

Posted by Justin at December 21, 2008 06:40 PM