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December 28, 2008

Outstanding Conditions at Brian Head (and My Ride of Shame)

First, the conditions at Brian Head are outstanding. 100% Open and they just opened Dunes yesterday afternoon, unfortunately after Jarrett and I had finished skiing for the day. Jake, Jackson, and my dad were still out and hit powder run after powder run on Dunes while I was packing up gear and getting Jarrett back to the condo.

That brings us to the ride of shame. First run of the day we went up Giant Steps. The weather was extremely cold and the lift operator's station at the top of the lift was covered in ice where they could barely see. On top of that, the operator must not have been paying much attention. Jarrett and I went to get off the lift and he wrecked and cut me off, so it was either fall on top of him and hope I didn't blow out a knee or stay on the lift and wait for them to stop it. They didn't stop the lift when he wrecked, so it was back down the hill.

Concerned ski patrol and lift folks at the bottom. "Are you OK?" I felt like the guy that you always hate that gets on the lift to the top of the mountain, breaks a femur at the unloading zone of the lift and leaves you stranded, hanging in mid-lift for an hour. I was that guy. Thankfully Dad, Jake and Jackson were two lifts back and skied down with Jarrett or I don't know what he would have done.

Jarrett started the day out right for me and ended it early costing me powder runs on Dunes. Today I stayed at the condo with him for the day since he didn't want to go out. But you pick and choose your moments and honestly, it is worth missed runs and missed days to spend time with the kids. We went shopping at Walmart for Jake's birthday and we ate Sonic.

Dad said the conditions were unbelievable today too. Fast snow and still great coverage. Brian Head is ready to roll for the rest of the season and everything is open and running.

Posted by Justin at December 28, 2008 07:28 PM