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May 14, 2008

Run Like Hell from Folks with Mullets

From today's Arizona Republic:

SCOTTSDALE - Police are searching for a man who shot and wounded a large dog in the 6800 block of East Almeria Street.

Police were called about 8 p.m. Friday by witnesses who said they heard a bang and the yelping of a dog.

The Rottweiler's owner discovered the dog, blood streaming from its mouth, near his carport door shortly after the gun shot, Scottsdale police said.

A veterinarian confirmed that the Rottweiler was shot once in the head, with the bullet entering the side of the dog's mouth and exiting though its tongue, police said.

The dog was unleashed and unattended when it was shot, police said.

Police said witnesses reported seeing a man in his mid-30s, 5-foot 8-inches tall, and 200 pounds with a dark mullet-style haircut running westbound on Almeria Street, away from the injured dog.

The dog is expected to survive, police said.

He was possibly driving a 1984 Firebird and wearing a Levis Jean Jacket with a AC/DC patch on it.

Posted by Justin at May 14, 2008 12:11 PM


Don't forget the half pound of meth in the wheel well.

Posted by: Erich at May 17, 2008 05:00 PM