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February 05, 2008

The Single Worst Trail Map in History

Have a look at the Sunrise Park Resort's Trail Map. No downloadable pdf. Just this wonderful page. Check the background and all. Circa 1993. I connected to it using AOL on my Windows 95 Pentium 200mhz computer and my 14" monitor.

5th grader with some html skill doing it as a project for his computer class. I swear, my kid could do a better job. Hell, one step further... my kid if my wife had smoked crack while she was pregnant and I had dropped him on his head could put together a better website than this piece of crap.

If you want a well designed, professional ski website, even some fictional sites have better design than the White Mountain Apache tribe can put together. I guess the WMA tribe has better things to spend their money on--lawsuits against Snowbowl and casino upgrades come to mind.

Brokeback Mountain Ski Area Trail Map

Call up Beth Clark and see if their web designer can help you out.

Posted by Justin at February 5, 2008 11:26 PM