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February 27, 2008

Sad Day for Wickenburg

I remember wrestling trips all across the state, travelling with Rome, Roxie, Joe and Kristina Glover. I played football with Joe for four years and we both were four year lettermen in wrestling. Christina was always there as a cheerleader or just to support her big brother. The Glovers are a wonderful family. All of them have (had) a sense of humor and personalities that just drew to them. The were magnetic on the both the football field, cheer team, and in the community. We had our 10 year reunion two years ago. I remember walking into the bar with my classmates and she was the first one over to see us. Talked about her nieces and Joe and how well things were going.

It is with great sadness that we remember her passing at age 30.

Kristina Lorene Glover, age 30, passed away Feb. 24 at Wickenburg Community Hospital, surrounded by her family and loving fiance Nate Cooper. She was born May 29, 1977 in Sturgis, S.D., to Rome C. Glover and Roxie D. (Wilsey) Glover.

Kristina moved to Wickenburg in 1983, and this was the town that she justly called home, graduating Class of 1995. She received her bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Montana. Kristina was in her final year of law school at Gonzaga University School of Law in Spokane, Wash.

She is survived by her parents, Rome and Roxie Glover; her beloved brother Joe; sister-in-law Nora; nieces Elena, Ava, and Abbey; her fiance Nate; her grandparents Robert and Lillian (Wilsey) Pegra; 10 aunts; 11 uncles; several great-aunts and uncles; numerous cousins; and countless extended family and friends who will miss her dearly.

Kristina had a spirit and zest for life that touched many hearts. She loved spending time in the wilderness, embracing the closeness of nature. Her life was bountiful in experiences that reaffirmed this love: horseback riding, camping, hiking, and even becoming an experienced fisherwoman in Alaska.

The passion Kristina had for life was always apparent in the high goals she set for herself. Law school found Kristina chairing clubs, participating in competitions on a national level, raising money for non-profits, and achieving honors in her academics. She not only excelled at law school, but also made the time to acknowledge the more intimate side of life.

Foremost in Kristina’s heart was her family and the love of her life Nate. Her love of children was evident in the devotion she had to her three nieces. Kristina had a genuine care for others and was always willing to share her rich life experiences in hopes of enlightening another’s life path.

Just a sad day. Kristina was a year older than Tera and graduated two years after me.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Rome, Roxie, Joe, Nate, and the rest of the family. We lost another member of the Wickenburg family in Stephanie Babcock that passed away less than a year ago at 29. The entire town knew and loved both of these young women. It is just a sad day.

Posted by Justin at February 27, 2008 03:28 PM


Hi Justin,
I did a search on Kristina's name and your page was one of the many items associated with her name. Took me a while to figure out who you were til I got smart and looked into your site a bit further. What you wrote was very nice. Kristina was WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL both inside and out! I will miss her very very much as will many others. I have nothing but awesome memories of Kris, we always had such a good time together. We had fun no matter what we did - sitting on the floor watching Tommy Boy for the 50th time over a weekend, or Natural Born Killers (after she finally convinced me to watch it), we even found fun in doing icky chores together. When we became so bored we could hardly stand it we would walk over to Joe's apartment and hang out with the guys. Kris and Joe are the perfect model of a brother and sister - best friends! I will miss everything about Kristina as she has touched my life in so many ways...I could go on an on but anyone who knew Kris knows exactly what I mean. My heart goes out to Rome, Roxy, Joe and Nate. Her family meant the world to her. I am still having a very hard time believing that she is no longer with us on earth!

Posted by: Branzley at March 1, 2008 04:48 PM

It was one of the most moving funerals you could ever attend. Travis Hearn conducted and all I could walk away from it saying was how wonderful her entire family was. As they recounted her last days on earth, she was tough to the end. She knew where she was going and it certainly wasn't a quarter mile from the Glover home just down the hill. There are so many things left undone in a life cut so short, but it was powerful to see the strength that her family has... that she had even as she knew what was coming, knowing that there is a life after this.

We had our ten year class reunion two years ago. Kris was there and we talked for close to an hour at Sanginis. It was amazing because the funeral drew at least twice as many people as our class reunion did. And everyone felt the same way I did. You meet her and she is instantly an old friend. Just catching up for an hour (and she was two years younger than me and we only knew each other in passing during school) and I walked away like she was an old friend. The entire town felt that way. She was a special person. You don't come across many people that you feel privileged to have even had the opportunity to know.

Posted by: Justin B. at March 1, 2008 11:55 PM