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January 28, 2008

New Ski Journal Out

The new issue of the ski journal is out. If you haven't read my review on TSJ before, it is pure eye candy. They have absolutely the best ski photos you can find and pages and pages of them. Not a typical ski magazine, TSJ cuts way down on the ads and pimping and delivers a coffee table magazine to show off to friends when they come over.

Wallabies. UFOs. Hoh Chi Minh trails. Dark Matter. Urspruenglichkeit. Frosted and feathered hair. What any of these have to do with skiing is anyone's guess, unless you pick up a copy of The Ski Journal issue #2.2, now shipping to stores and subscribers. From Australia to Alta, the French Alps to Schlap-istan, the 1960s to the present and all points between, the newest issue of The Ski Journal continues the transportive vibe clearly established with the success of the magazine's first two issues.

Aussie Tony Harrington is one of the world's foremost ski and surf photographers. Via his words and stunning alpine images, he adamantly answers the question that plagues him on chairlift rides throughout the world: "How come you can ski that well? There's no snow in Australia!" Turns out the world is wrong. Very wrong. And if you've ever wondered what kangaroo tastes like (hint: not chicken), this story is for you.

In a lengthy interview, French freestyle newschooler Candide Thovex reveals he’s done with competition. “We are not robots,” he says, referring to the limits of the human body, a sentiment he’s acutely familiar with following a near-paralyzing injury last spring at his home resort of La Clusaz. Candide also discusses his future, memories of the past decade, and why he won’t be singing classic rock tunes any time soon.

Other 2.2 standouts: Jake Moe reminisces the decades of love in Sun Valley; Jill Adler profiles the soulful Alta Lodge and its 90-year-old owner, Bill Levitt; six essays on various "Lines in Skiing"; three decades of images by legendary shooter Hank de Vré; a review of the documentary "Steep"; a profile of Theory-3 filmmaker Jeff Thomas; and much more.

Seriously, subscribe. Get rid of the megamagazines that are cluttered with nothing but ads for overpriced gear and puff pieces about the spendiest resorts. This is the one ski magazine that is worth getting.

Posted by Justin at January 28, 2008 01:38 PM