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January 31, 2008

Modifying the Xbox 360

Not really ski gear, but gear nonetheless. The Xbox 360 is phenomenol, but what to do when the kids smudge your new $60 game. This mod offers the ability to back up your games to dual layer dvds and play backups on the Xbox 360. Note, this voids your warrantee and may violate laws in your locality. I am not posting it to condone in any way violating the law or any kind of software piracy.

I found this while I was searching for the Xbox 360 dashboard update released in early December that allows the 360 to play divx avi files. I have been converting my dvd collection to divx so that I can compress them and so that I have backups in case my dvds get scratched. I compress them to play on my iPod.

I post this because it is fascinating the advances that have been made. MP3s and MP3 players. DVD players for vehicles. Noise cancelling headphones. Stuff that makes travel so much easier and more productive. Anyway, enjoy the video.

Posted by Justin at January 31, 2008 01:55 PM