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November 09, 2007

White Ribbon of Death is Coming to Brian Head

The new Brian Head Connection is up.

Friday, November 2, 2007: Brian Head Resort has officially begun its snowmaking efforts in anticipation of another great winter season. Early Friday morning, temperatures dropped low enough to allow the Resort to start up nearly 30 snowmaking machines to help out Mother Nature in the snow department. Snowmaking efforts will continue as temperatures permit...

“We hope to have the expansion project wrapped up later this month and ready to go for December.”

I won't concede that my pessimism about the Interconnect being done by the opening of the season wasn't warranted. Fact is that the season opens on November 17th. That is the date. And the Interconnect is not going to be completed by that date. But if you don't open on time, you buy yourself a couple extra weeks and we fully expect that the Interconnect will be done by the first couple weeks of December. The hangup is the bridge. I have been saying that is the sticking point all along and that it was probably behind schedule. Not as much as I thought, but part of that is that the weather has been very mild and they are making good progress.

If it had been a good early snow year and the resort was opening on time on both sides, the bridge would be further behind due to weather and the resort would be open on time instead of probably opening the end of November or early December--at least opening in a meaningful way.

But again, credit where credit is due. I didn't think that the resort would be done this year at all when they originally pitched the idea of a taxpayer funded bridge back in the fall of last year. I am still not sure that the town is going to get a huge bump in sales tax revenue from the bridge/interconnect, nor that these specific improvements increase the property values or spur enough development to justify a million dollar bridge that realistically only helps the ski resort, if it does that right away. I think it helps get the resort sold or makes it more attractive to investment companies, but that is more of a philosophical issue than a practical issue.

Reality is that whatever philosophical disagreements I have over the role of government, how tax dollars should be spent, and whether this is a good investment, I am seriously stoked about some new terrain on the mountain and the ability to ski between mountains and not ride the bus.

I am thinking snow right now. Damned this La Nina anyhow. But the Snow Gods need to reward my faith and my tithing via property tax to resort improvement projects. I am at the point that Pedro Cerrano was in in Major League:

I pissed off now, Jo-Buu. I good to you, I stand up for you. If you no help me now, I say f*** you, Jo-Buu. I do it myself.

Snow Gods better come through. Man made White Ribbon of Death isn't what I want for the Interconnect.

White Ribbon of Death

Posted by Justin at November 9, 2007 12:37 PM


It's great to see the snow blowers working, great picture. In Europe there is already 130 cm on some of the mountains, like Stubai in Austria.

Posted by: Skiing.IE at November 13, 2007 03:02 AM